Apple Orchard

3 Acres.  450+ trees. 18 varieties of apples.

Hickory Ridge Orchard is one of the LAST U-Pick apple orchards in Central Missouri.  We are located 35 miles from Columbia, MO. and only 40 miles from our state capital of Jefferson City, MO.  The Orchard is placed on a beautiful stretch of property just outside of Mexico, MO in Audrain County, which neighbors Callaway, Montgomery, Ralls, Boone and Pike counties. If you are looking for delicious, locally grown apples, whether for snacking or for a tasty recipe, you have come to the right place! We have apples available from late July until early November. Keep scrolling for details about our apple varieties and more!

U-Pick Apples

Are you looking for a fun, hands-on experience on the farm? Then this is the choice for you... bring the whole family and pick your own apples right off the tree! With 18 varieties of apples throughout the year, there is something hanging on each branch for everyone, especially during our peak apple season from early September to late October. Visit the "apple varieties" section below to read about each of our unique apples!

The apple trees blossoming in the spring.

Puppy George worn out from a day of apple picking.

Pre-picked Apples

Not interested in picking your own apples? Let us do the work for you! Our general store offers a selection of freshly hand-picked seasonal apples as well as scrumptious baked goodies that are made from them. Pick up a bushel for you, your family, and your friends!

What's Picking?

Galas will be ready for U-Pick on August 23, 24, & 25th, 2019! They are a crisp, mildly sweet apple, perfect for fresh eating! Also good for canning and making apple butter. Limited supply for U-Pick, so come out and pick ‘em while they last! Prices are list below!

1/2 Peck - $8
1 Peck - $15
1/2 Bushel- $28
1 Bushel - $54

Apple Varieties

Apple Varieties Picking Season
Arkansas Black  Late October
 Cortland  Mid September
 Empire  Early October
 Enterprise  Mid October
 Fuji  Late October
 Gala  Early September
 Goldrush  Mid to Late October
 Granny Smith Late October 
Jonalicious Mid to Late September 
Jonathan  Mid to Late September 
 Pink Lady Late October 
 Red Delicious Late September 
 RedFree Early August 
Rome   Mid to Late October
 Ultra Early (Honeycrisp)  Early September
Ultra Gold  Mid to Late September 
 Williams Pride  Early August
 Winesap  Mid October
 York Mid to Late October