Farm Attractions

Come on out to the farm and have a hay-day full of fun! Hickory Ridge Orchard offers a variety of activities to make your trip to the farm a blast for the whole family. After checking out our selection of apples, pumpkins, and mums, take a stroll on our nature trail to view the ducks and geese taking a dip in the pond. Then navigate your way through our corn maze or choose a more relaxing route and take in the farm on a tour aboard the hayrack ride! Perhaps the children would like to hop aboard the HICKORY RIDGE EXPRESS, or shoot corn out of the corn cannon for a chance to win a prize!

**Check back this Fall for activity pricing**


Nature Trail & Fish Feeding

Get immersed into the WILD with our nature trail! Learn about the different conservation practices that we have implemented all around the farm, take a break at our two picnic spots along the pond, watch the ducks & geese splash around looking for food, or feed the fish as they wait patiently along the bankside!

PRICE: Nature Trail- FREE, Fish Feeding- $.25

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Petting Zoo

Goat Image 1.jpg
pig image 1.jpg

Come check out the farm animals at Hickory Ridge Orchard! We have Goats, Pigs, Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Geese & Guinea Fowl! These animals are loving and enjoy the attention!

PRICE: Petting Zoo- FREE, Animal Feeding- $.25

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Corn Maze

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Navigate through our corn maze to find all four checkpoints for a chance to win a weekly prize, or the GRAND prize at the end of the year!

PRICE: 5 Tickets per person

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Hay-Rack Rides

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Have a hay day on the hay-rack ride that goes past the corn cannon, animals, around our corn maze!

PRICE: 3 Tickets per person


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Bring the kids out so they can play engineer in their very own engine! Ring the bell, push the buttons, and ride around the farm on the HICKORY RIDGE EXPRESS! CHOO CHOO!!!

Price: 1 Ticket per child

Corn Cannon

You won’t be sorry you tried this one! Our corn cannon is a one of a kind experience that you will just have to try out yourself! Shoot an ear of corn at one of the multiple targets, or try to make it in one of the prize buckets to win a prize!

PRICE: Two shots for 1 Ticket

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